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Before the COVID-19 outbreak,   our understanding   of masks was not deep, because there was not much contact, and there...
Happy New Year to all our valued clients and partners! We are thrilled to announce that after a wonderful Spring Festival holiday, Ec-jet is now officially back in business. We're fully energized a...
Over the years, with the growing diversity in coding requirements, the market has witnessed a surge in the availability of various handheld high-resolution inkjet printers, some priced as low as ju...
"If I need to print a 12-digit Code128 barcode on a smooth PVC surface with an area of only 2*16mm , which option is most suitable?"Inquired by a budget-conscious client High Resolution:    Many ma...
Introducing our latest innovation, the 1100 Series! Elevate your production with cutting-edge technology and unmatched performance. Get ready for excellence – the future of manufacturing is here! W...
At Ec-jet, we comprehend the intricate challenges linked with CIJ technology and are delighted to offer innovative solutions that set new benchmarks for precision and reliability.CIJ 2000 seriesCha...
With years of dedicated experience in the coding industry, Ec-jet have immersed ourselves in the practice of visual inspection, continuously researching the characteristics of visual quality inspec...
In the dynamic landscape of industrial production, the concept of product traceability holds profound significance for the marking industry. Ec-jet, as a leading player in this field, recognizes th...
           Our Ec-jet Sales Team wrapped up 2023 with laughter and unity.TeamBBQ          From team games to off-road rides in Conghua's mountains, we shared the joy of togetherness. Ending the da...
About Lean Manufacturing & 5s ManagementLean Manufacturing, stemming from Toyota's 1950s innovations, prioritizes efficiency, waste elimination, and ongoing process improvement. It centers on deliv...
Last Friday, Ec-jet hosted a Winter Solstice Fun Sports Day, transforming Guangzhou's coldest day into a warm celebration of team spirit and innovation. Our teamembraced the chilly weather, demonst...
EC-JET has a professional R&D team, industry-leading independent core technology andsustainable R&D capabilities, and has a full range of coding products and testing equipment. The products include...
01 Real-time System ControlThecomputer components inside the printer constantly detect the ink/diluent level,ink viscosity, pressure and charge value.02 Automatic Cleaning When ShutdownTheinkjet pr...
*EC1000: printing on plastic hose*EC2000: daily chemical products coding & marking application*ECH200 Handheld inkjet printer*ECH700 high resolution inkjet printer for milk industry carton box*ECL ...
It is verycommon to assign codes on the package of medicine boxes. Only with a clear andvisible code identification can consumers feel more at ease when buying.The importanceof labeling in the phar...
Hello from this year's ACHEMA2022! Learn more about the product portfolio, digital implementation and sustainable solutions of EC-JET at our booth G8 in Germany. We are motivated & looking forward ...
Please enjoy a short video:Advantages and Features of ECH200(Handheld HighResolution Inkjet Printer):1.      Fast MaintenanceSaving consumable, free maintenanceSaving maintenance cost2.      High P...
In recent years, with the rapid development of IOT technology, most manufacturers need to give more and more variable information to cartons. Due to the large variety of products, the old method of...
The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanyang Festival, Double Fifth Festival and Tianzhong Festival, falls on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. It is one of the fo...
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