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EC-JET Service, All for Your Success
EC-JET service including  product solutions, product installation, EC-JET training, offering consumables, accessories, after-sales support and other. We will provide you with the most appropriate service and support according to your special requirements.
It is recommended that the  installation of equipment should be installed only    
   by the trained service engineers who are approved by EC-JET, which can    
   ensure the proper installation and achieve the best printing quality, and also  
   can optimize it according to your requirements.
If you have never received technical training from EC-JET, please do not
   install the equipment by yourself. Please contact the EC-JET Service Hotline
   at 400-9020-866 or contact your dealer to arrange service engineer to your
   location to install new equipment.
Each industry has different requirements for coding and marking. EC-JET can      provide suitable solutions based on customer's conditions.
For more high-performance, cost-effective solutions, please contact EC-JET
    service Hotline at 400-9020-866 or contact your dealer.
If you need training from EC-JET, please contact the EC-JET Service Hotline:
   400-9020-866 or contact your dealer.
EC-JET Training
Ordering Consumables and Accessories
If you need to order consumables or accessories, please contact the EC-JET
    service Hotline at 400-9020-866 or contact your dealer.
After-sales support
 EC-JET provides 7/24 (24 hours for 7 days) full service to create the fastest ser
   vice for customers. If you need help and consultation, please contact the EC-JET       Service Hotline: 400-9020-866 or contact your dealer.
Industry Application
Electronic Components
Wire and cable
Daily Chemical Products
Building Materials and other
Service and Support
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